We are looking forward to an exciting 2021.
We are working on some new activities, when the weather breaks.
We are expecting a cria in June.

Our regular hours are Sunday’s from 1pm-4pm.   Other dates/times are by appointment.
Please feel free to email [email protected] or call 717-796-5949 (Office) 717-497-4887 (cell)

We apologize for any inconveniences, however we are now entering show season. The next few months will be limited hours.
Shows are important for our youth and it is an opportunity to have our alpacas evaluated.

Closed March 25th-28th while we attend The Buckeye Alpaca Show

OPEN – Saturday, April 3rd 10am-2pm

Closed Sunday, Apil 4th Easter

Closed April 8th-11th while we attend PAOBA

Open Sunday, April 18th 1p-49

Closed April 29th-May 2nd while we attend MAPACA

Spend some family time petting & visiting the alpacas. Take a peek in our store to view the clothing, yarn and other items made from the alpacas… We can’t wait to see you!!

We can also travel to your daycare/nursing home as well, contact us for details. If you are trying to find a way for your Girl Scout/Boy Scout or other group to meet and comply with social distancing, just give us a call. With 16 acres we can organize a great meeting for you.
Dear Educators,

We would like to invite your class to our farm. Learning is easier when you are having fun and who couldn’t have fun watching alpacas? Not only can you smile by watching the alpacas, you can learn about this livestock animal. You can learn about the species, study math when calculating how much hay they eat or genetics by discussing their 16 natural colors. You can study science but looking at the soil and understanding how it affects the alpacas health. You can learn about their fiber and the wonderful products made from it.

Please contact us for more information.

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